A word from our Regional Director

“Eric and Maren Brandsma have a passion directed toward assisting both those who minister and the work of ministry. Their influence and impact has been a blessing to many within our Fellowship. I encourage consideration of how their ministry might meet a need in your life. ”

Ron W Baker
Regional Director
Senior Birkman Consultant (Certified) WODPAOC
Personality Assessments, Executive Coaching, Career Management, Conflict Resolution
rbaker@wodistrict.org / http://www.birkman.com

Testimonies from Pastors…

“It has been my pleasure over the past three years (2004-2007) to be Eric and Maren’s pastor. They came to our congregation during a difficult time in our history.  We were in the midst of recovering from a church plant for which we had sacrificed extensively.  This couple came in to our fellowship and immediately rolled up their sleeves to help us.  They assisted in various leadership positions and worked in several areas of Ministry.  Perhaps the greatest area of impact has been Cleansing Steams.  As we turned the corner in our recovery and began to see new converts we were able to see many of these go firstly to Alpha and secondly to Cleansing Streams Ministry.  This has sped up the maturing process and helped many of our people deal with their spiritual and emotional baggage.  Eric and Maren were instrumental in getting this ministry off the ground;  I doubt very much that it would have happened without them.  Our church has almost doubled in size over the past three years and they have very much been a part of that.  Now they are venturing out once again as they sense God’s leading them to help churches facing challenges.  We wish them well and are pleased to be the first congregation to sponsor them monthly through our Home Missions budget.  We are looking forward to hearing how God will use them in the coming months and years.” Pastor Tony denBok, Clearview Community Church 

Pastor Jay Davis from Mapleview Community Church writes in his reference letter “I have known Eric and Maren for more than six years and in those years Eric and Maren have been (honestly) one of the most servant hearted couples I have met.  They have demonstrated characteristics of charity and compassion that have excelled in all areas they have participated in.  Personal sacrifice is not something that they seem to be intimidated or threatened by.  Eric and Maren have lived out their faith consistently over the years that I have known them.  They are as capable a couple as you are going to find – they both have short and long term vision for their lives and maybe even more importantly they have the patience and the drive to implement their vision.  Overall, I believe they have a very unique calling upon their life and are doing all they can to live it out with integrity.  This is a couple with a great work ethic and they certainly would get things done at the end of the day.  Their word is binding.  In closing I believe that should Eric and Maren have the opportunity to follow their dream they will most certainly be an asset to many rural churches.  I am glad to say that they have in the past been apart of our church family.”

“Over the past 11 years I have known Eric and Maren Brandsma and have worked with them as they helped in youth ministry.  They had a huge servant’s heart, and a willingness to input into the youth’s lives.  Now, years later, as they embark on this new journey, 4HIS Ministry, I see them again desiring to pour into the lives of others.  This is absolutely consistent with their nature as I know it, and I am pleased to be a part of this ministry.  I recognize the tremendous need that smaller churches have and commend Eric and Maren for investing in these churches.  Our church has decided to financially support this ministry because we believe in what they are doing.  The church of God will be strengthened by people like Eric and Maren as they pour their lives into others.” Sincerely, Sam Sibley, Lead Pastor, The LIFE Centre.

Pastor David Andrews, National Director of Cleansing Stream Ministries Canada, London ON. “We met Maren and Eric Brandsma several years ago through Cleansing Stream Ministries.  They have played an important leadership role throughout the years by leading the seminar and encouraging participants.  They have faithfully led by example, which has been such an encouragement to us.  We are so excited for them in their new adventure as they serve the Lord in their new minsitry.  We are so encouraged by their commitment and sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  After meeting with them and them sharing their vision with us, we are whole-heartedly behind them and have offered any support we can give as they advance the Kingdom of God.”

Pastor Jo-Anne Clark-Thomas, Lead Pastor, Life Quest Community Church. “The Brandsma’s have been with Life Quest Community Church for just over one year ministering in various capacities.”  “They were involved in Youth, Bible Study, Children’s Program, building maintenance, decorating, drama, technical upgrading, program development, leadership training and conducting the “Cleansing Stream” Seminar.”  “We were the first recipients of 4 HIS Ministry and as a growing church, we were encouraged and thankful to have them come alongside of us.”

People who the Lord has touched through 4 H.I.S. Minsitry…

“Maren and Eric have been a great blessing to the church, them being here has blessed me truely because my walk with the Lord has greatly grown  since I started going to youth where Maren was  the leader.   Eric and I  work with the children in the Childrens Church Wing which is so much fun.  God is doing great works through them and I can’t wait to see where he  takes them next.” Jaimie F.

“Pastor Eric & Maren have always been there for us, whenever we needed  someone to talk to they would be the ones to go to.  Maren working with  Sr.youth has made such a big impact on our lives, we all have grown closer  to God and have learned a whole new meaning of a relationship with christ,  without her I don’t know where we would be. She has lead us all closer to  God.” Jasmine C.

Debbie Eberhardt of Clearview writes “Eric and Maren Brandsma are very truly of the Lord.  Thay have integrity and commitment to whatever needs to be done.  They seek to do God’s will and are willing to fully live in the plan that God is calling them to do so that His salvation and Grace may reach as many people as possible.  One of the best things that the Lord has Eric and Maren doing for His Kingdom is a healing ministry called Cleansing Streams.  The freedom that comes from this program cannot be denied.  Lives are changed, chains are broken.  Another thing that Eric and Maren do is motivate tired or mid-sized churches out of their inertia, or burn-out and put programs in place and in action.  They have done this in many ways for our church.  To me, they were the people who tipped the scales.  God was definitely already working in our church and in our lives, but we needed just that extra provision in order to tie together all the talent and energy in different areas.  They have the love and energy and the willingness to obey God to His fullest.  They have sensititvity and intuition.  God has also blessed them with marvelous children who also seek the Lord’s will for their lives.”

“I am changed…so much…Maren, and I need to share it, I need to say it to whoever will listen… it is in me. I hear the passion when I walk the floor talking out loud. or I am talking to my friend . I feel the smile in my heart and the joy that consumes my soul… I am free… I can see now, how you are thrilled to watch God move in a life to bring it to that place where God heals and they move towards all that God intended them to be…to give the tools to stay free… thank you , my beloved sister …and Eric my spiritual brother in law…thankyou…and I am very proud of you both for listening to God’s call and in doing that I am able to have the tools to stay Free…so you are family today and always …in my home…in my heart and for all eternity.”