Women’s Retreats

Maren Brandsma is a gifted motivational speaker with a passion for seeing God’s children living in the fullness of a Christ centered life. Her message is life changing. As a guest speaker the general topics that she speaks on are “Living By Faith”, “God’s Plans ~ Your Dreams”, “Body Building”, “The Victory Dance ~ This is how we overcome!” and “Mountain Climbing ~The Brandsma Family Journey”.

“Strive for an absolute faith in an Absolute God,” she stated. “A God who heals and restores,” she spoke.  “Follow the dream God gives you,” she declared. “Step Forward for God’s Kingdom,” she motivated and “Climb the mountain set before you”… These are the passions of Pastor Maren Brandsma. Her life some would say is amazing, her past hard but victorious. Having come from a broken home and being a survivor of abuse, Maren’s triumphant life story is a personal testimony to the forgiving and healing power of a personal relationship with Christ. The message is clear… and her voice breaks the silence of life bringing truth to each ones heart. Maren has used her own experience to help other women and teenagers overcome adversity and move from victim to victor.  Maren also has a passion for showing troubled teens and women who they are in God’s eyes, who they were created to be and who they can still become.

Whether you need a retreat leader and speaker, just a speaker, or the entire retreat designed, if you are planning a one day retreat, a weekend retreat or a ladies week away Maren’s passion to see women experience freedom and healing in Christ will bless your ladies as she leads them into discovering that our God is an extraordinary God who has plans we can not fathom, who transforms lives by the power of the Holy Spirit and wants us to reach mountain tops.


Her years of ministry experience have built a treasury to draw on from great stories to wisdom, success to failures, fun and creative activities to heart searching times alone with God.  Maren will put together a full package or work with a plan you have.  Lead by and sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit you will be met by God as Maren simply facilitates what He has in store for your ladies and then moves over to let Him move in a mighty way!


We have a one day “Ladies Day Out” retreat package that makes things really easy and cost effective that you could look at. Please contact us for any type of retreat and with any ideas you may have.  We do cater to those with a limited budget and will work with all churches to make their retreat dreams possible.  All women deserve a time of refreshing and rest so it is the goal of 4 HIS Ministry to see no need denied whenever possible.


Womens Ministry

Ladies – It is a NEW Day!  All too often our yesterdays dictate our todays and tomorrows!  Maren knows this all too well and would love to share with you one of the messages of her life.

Topics Include:

-“Living By Faith” After living by faith for 5 years, not know where housing, food or work would come from, moving 7 times as God provided, Maren delivers a compelling talk about the excitement of living in God’s will and relying completely on the Master

-“God’s Plans ~ Your Dreams” Focusing on finding God’s plans for your life, how God puts dreams in our hearts that connect with His calling on our lives. Never too big, never too small God opens our eyes to these dreams one step at a time.

-“Body Building” The heart of 4 HIS Ministry is building the body of Christ.  With a passion Maren encourages the body to become active, to step out of comfort zones, to get excited about God’s call and become a body of Action.

-“Mountain Climbing ~The Brandsma Family Journey” The story of how any ordinary can become extraordinary.  Settled into a happy life, in a happy neighborhood, with a pleasant job, content to live life out and retire right where you are?  The story of how God rocked the Brandsma’s happy world and challenged them to climb mountains, conquer fears, jump off cliffs and become who God created them to be.  If you want to challenge your congregation to stop settling and being comfy in the same pew each week this story just might give them the courage to leave comfortable and aim high!

-“The Victory Dance ~ This is how we overcome!” Maren’s personal story of overcoming a life of severe abuse, tragedy and heartache.  A life changing story that encourages everyone who has been hurt, suffered loss or even been an abuser to become victorious in Christ.  Living a life of forgiveness and love for her abusers Maren’s joy and passion will offer hope to everyone who hears her.

-“Healing for a Woman’s Heart” Broken friendships, childhood abuse, abusive marriages, lost children, words that wound, rejection, anger, shame…the list goes on and on.  We live our lives with these labels and with the heart ache they carry.  We live seeing everyday and experience through the pain of our past experiences.  God can and will heal your heart, lets begin today!


What women are saying about Retreats…


Amy writes…”Maren is an incredible speaker. She is humorous and heartfelt, speaking the truth of God’s word as she shares so vulnerably from her own walk with him! She is very sensitive to the leading of the spirit and has an incredible gift of discernment. She helped me to recognize several strongholds in my life, and helped me to move past them into the freedom that Christ truly has in store for me. My faith has grown dramatically because of the impact Maren had on me at our ladies retreat.”


“Sometimes it is hard to convey with words how much someone can touch another. I think your honesty and sincerity and willingness to share of your own personal struggles created a safe environment for the rest of us to do the same. We tore down some “boxes” and were able to really connect with each other. It was a great weekend!!”   Tara


Susanne wrote… “Maren, I appreciated your sensitivity to the moving of the Spirit, how you adapted the program to meet the needs of the ladies who were there. Your transparency with sharing your own story made me realize that with God’s grace, I could be given the power to overcome my own problems. As a result, I was able to experience and express forgiveness toward a person who I never thought I would be able to forgive. You were mightily used by God on our retreat and I was so thankful that God called you to minister to us.”


“I was so blessed at the retreat. Your leadership was outstanding and your willingness to be lead by the Spirit was wonderful. You shared many personal stories that really spoke to my heart. I felt as if our group bonded and grew closer together. Thank-you for speaking to our group” S. Zietsma


“Maren Brandsma and her words of life, guided by her heavenly Father have not only brought blessing to my life but have impacted my walk with God. Her messages are inspirational and motivational; they inspire others to do all that they can for God and to be used in the full potential God designed them to be used in. She surrenders to God so that His love flows through her and her genuine spirit and willing heart comes through the messages God gives to her. I am thankful that this Vessel of Honor for God listens to what God shares with her to share with those He leads her to. I know that today I would not be where I am without experiencing that love through her heart, her message and her life. Anyone who has the privilege to sit under her ministry or has the opportunity to hear her in person will not come out of the service the way they went in. They will surely be blest.” Pastor Clara Browning