Pastors Retreats

Pastors need feeding and refreshing too!  Can I get an Amen?

As you have seen throughout our materials we are here to assist pastors in struggling, transitioning and smaller churches to build the body God has given them to shepherd.

Being the Shepherd of a flock where you are the only Pastor and the number of workers and amount of resources you have can be a great challenge.  How do you evoke change and plan outreach events and train leaders and develop programs all on your own while trying to meet the needs within the church itself?

One way we offer assistance to Pastors is through retreats.  It is our goal to work with and bring together several Pastors dealing with the same struggles for retreats in the areas of:

Vision Development and Casting – finding the God given vision for the body of Christ He has entrusted you with, cultivating and articulating it, then developing a plan which infuses your passion for the vision into the church.  Finding dynamic ways to spread the vision and have it sweep through the church with the power of the Holy Spirit.  This drives internal change and gets the body excited and on board for what God has in store.

Coaching Retreat– during this time Pastors are walked through a series of group coaching sessions that are meant to assist them in discovering direction for themselves as well as their churches.  Pastors are also given time for one on one coaching as well as a glimpse at how the coaching course can be a great tool for the pastor in giving guidance to the congregation and raising up leaders.  This weekend is meant to give you some time alone with God for refreshing as well as time to hear from God for direction.

Cleansing Stream Ministry – You have probably read about this ministry throughout the site as it is a tool we firmly and passionately believe in.  All too often Pastors feel they are or should be above needing a deeper walk with Christ or needing healing, but I humbly beg you to read on with an open heart.  Full time ministry can be very consuming and though Pastors are often in the middle of the word of God preparing lessons, sermons, studies and so on they are also often so busy meeting needs that they seldom have time to simply be with God, enjoy fellowship with their Lord and Savior.  Many, many a person in ministry struggles to find time alone with God that is not spent praying for others needs or preparing for a sermon.  Often along the way you become so busy doing you lose site of the journey, of the vision and even the calling.  Pastors are leaving the church today because they are exhausted, underappreciated and in many cases have lost their passion because of the business.  Not only that but the wounding that the church body can inflict on their pastors can be overwhelming and devastating.  Pastors in smaller churches often stand alone, disconnected from other Pastors and those in ministry to relate to and befriend.  We have seen it many times and lived it ourselves in ministry.

Because of these needs and struggles we have developed a fast track Cleansing Stream Program for Pastors, allowing them to work through the teaching sessions and materials in two days of workshops to be followed later by the main two day retreat.  We have seen Pastors refreshed in their walk with Christ as they refocus intimately on Him, on aligning with the Holy Spirit, giving everything to God and have Christ heal them from the hurts of the world, the church and the burdens put on Pastors today.


*All Pastors retreats are based on working with several Pastors at a time, whether through our ministry, offered to a specific area or district, a town ministerial or a Pastor with several friends who are interested.


If you would like to explore one of these areas and a retreat is not in the plans please contact us for information on working with 4 HIS ministries individually.