Leadership Training Retreats

Leadership Training Retreats are custom designed for each church that we are working with and for the needs of individual churches.  If you have a church which contains programs run by lay people and you would like to provide them with ministry training we can customize a one or two day retreat for you.


Specializing in Areas of:

Youth Ministry Team Training
-Two part focus, one on building a dynamic program and team, secondly connecting with teens in a way that makes a difference. 

Children’s Ministry Training-Working within the program you are using we help leaders to find the wow factor that will bring the kids back, friends in tow and begging for more.

Team Building-Perhaps you have the workers, willing to serve but the team needs to be built up, equipped and rejuvenated.  Looking at each team member’s dynamics, gifts and skills we help to “fit” the team together.  A set of fun team building exercises and debriefings helps them to bond and find their groove together.  Program dreaming and coaching will help the team to define unified goals and come up with an action plan.

 Cleansing Stream Ministries-This program is run twice per year, we have found it to be the fundamental life changing program that God has blessed us with to raise up workers for Christ.  This in depth 10 week Bible study assists Christians in aligning their walk with Christ, walking in the Spirit, giving everything to God and in finding healing from the hurts of this world.  Concluding with a two day retreat we see the burdened people of the body of Christ restored and raised up with an excitement to do God’s work.  We strongly recommend all church leadership to experience this program and then open it up to the church.  Cleansing Stream Ministry is a separate ministry which is run in many countries through out the world.  Our ministry is in no way compensated for running the program, it is a non-profit program that is an incredible tool which changed our own lives and fueled the desire to bring restoration to the Body of Christ.