1- Equipping Pastors to equip people to reach beyond themselves. To bring restoration, healing and transformation using ministry tools, specialized teams and by providing facilities for rest, revitalizing, vision casting, coaching, training and retreats.

2- Inspiring the body of Christ to lead a life of faith, centered on Christ, operating in His will, supporting each-other emotionally, spiritually and physically as modeled in the book of Acts

3- Encourage healing in the body of Christ.  To lift the burdens of wounds and abuses as well as the constraints of operating with fear, rejections, anger and strongholds of sin.  To see Christians set free to minister in the fullness of Christ through biblical teaching, bible study, prayer, healing ministry, support and retreats.

4- To provide a safe atmosphere for youth to become victorious over their lives through the grace of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, equipping them to become active in the body of Christ, leaders for today and the future.


Ministry Goals: 

Isaiah 58:12 fulfilled…Raise up, Rebuild, Repair, Restore…


Equipping Pastors…

Joining in relationship with Pastors to:

Refresh, facilitate healing- through planned rests, time with God, tools and retreats

Rejeuvinate – through coaching, relationship and prayer
Create vision – through meetings, tools and retreats, detailed plans

Give tools and resources – through supplies, team facilitators and training lay leaders


…to equip people,

with and through the Pastor by

Raising up – disciples, leaders and ministries

Rebuilding – the foundation and vision of the church

Repairing – improve existing or implementing new ministries

Restoring – the health of the congregation


…to reach beyond themselves…

Hands extended – through love, service and discipleship

Building relationships – both in the church and the community

Reaching the lost – through daily lives and intentional ministries

Reaching the hurting – by loving, praying with and providing safe environments for God to heal and restore


…restoring, healing, transforming to…

Realize their potential in Christ – to bear fruit

Become Holy Spirit lead – walking in God’s will, gaining a firm foundation

Be Passionate of the great commission – the purpose of one’s life

Be Healthy – spiritually, emotionally and physically




We value the commandment to reach the lost…
Matthew 28:18-20

We value the calling of leaders to equip the body of Christ…

Ephesians 4:11-12 

We value the restorative and healing work of the Holy Spirit through the body of Christ extended to the world…
Isaiah 58

We value God’s healing
Psalm 147:3
We hold to the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada  Statement of Fundamental Truths

We Value:
-Excellence in every area as we do everything unto Christ.
-Obedience to God’s leading and calling
-The Sabbath rest
-Prayer and worship, as integral lines of communication with God, and for its transformational power
-Pastors and their calling to shepherd the flock
-The vision God has for each body of Christ in their communities and in the context of becoming an Acts 2 church which reaches the lost.
-Healing of the body of Christ so that it reaches its fullest redemptive potential.
-Community:  Relationship Building to build and bind together the community of Christ and as a tool to reach the lost.
-Servanthood both within the body of Christ and in the world which is a God ordained tool in reaching out to those in need.
-Teaching and Transforming within the body of Christ to build it, raise leaders and reach the lost.
-The creative giftings God has given to everyone to develop programs, solutions, and innovative ideas that are culturally relevant.
-The youth of today, their giftings and their potential in Christ.
-Love lived and grace extended
-The family unit
-The international language of worship through music
-The provision of God’s hand through natural resources, partnerships, gifts, grants work and people.