4 H.I.S Ministry is a church restoration, revitalization and pastoral care ministry.  Our vision at 4 H.I.S is to serve pastors and churches which are struggling in one form or another; short handed, financially struggling, hurting church, transitioning church, single pastor churches etc…

It is our hope that by providing support for pastors, ministry development, leadership training and tools to churches who can not afford to pay for these services that they will reach their full redemptive potential in the communities around them.

Eric and Maren Brandsma are the directors of this non-profit organization.  It was started in 2006 following 15 years of intense involvement in local churches.  At that time the Brandsma’s spent a year developing the ministry plan and tools, they sold their home and went on the road in a trailer to help churches, living by faith!

11 years later, they have worked through 4 complete church restorations, assisted several other churches in smaller areas, worked with three denominations and are currently coming along side another church.  Projects last from 3 months up to 2 years.

The Brandsma family homeschooled their two teenagers to enable them to travel in ministry.  The kids are actively a part of the ministry and a great blessing to have around! Keanna is currently enrolled in bible college online and Noah plans to go to Master’s College in September.

They have a wonderful Board of Directors supporting them. The ministry is a non-profit and the Brandsma’s are classified as Canadian Missions – meeting the needs in Canada and generating their support through donors.  God has been faithful to provide care for the family even though their sponsorship is low.  It has been a wonderful journey of faith and relying on the Lord for provision and everyday miracles.

Maren speaks at churches and for both women’s and youth groups.  Living by Faith and A Victorious Life are just two of her common topics.

Please visit the website http://www.4hisministry.org for further information, newsletters, references, testimonies and ways to support this much needed ministry.

A word from our Regional Director…

“Eric and Maren Brandsma have a passion directed toward assisting both those who minister and the work of ministry. Their influence and impact has been a blessing to many within our Fellowship. I encourage consideration of how their ministry might meet a need in your life. “

Ron W Baker
Regional Director
Senior Birkman Consultant (Certified) WODPAOC
Personality Assessments, Executive Coaching, Career Management, Conflict Resolution
rbaker@wodistrict.org / http://www.birkman.com

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