How can I be of Service?

Have you ever entered a restaurant or a retail store and been asked the simple question “How can I be of service?” or “How can I help you?” though we often brush it off, the simplistic question accomplishes something; it establishes that the people working here are willing to lend a hand whether now or when you need it, and lets it be known that this is a welcoming environment.

It does this not only in the mind of those being served but also those doing the serving; reminding them of their role. In a retail business the end goal is simple; high sales. But how do they get there? They assist in finding sizes, helping carry items, giving you advice on products and so on. There is a process that produces results.

If you were to enter an establishment that had poor service the likely hood of you staying is greatly lessened. This is a common fact — do the work, get the reward. But the truth is that even if it is fact, it is often not pursued. “It’s not worth it” ,”Too much effort”, “It doesn’t make a difference” ,”I’m having a bad day” are all excuses that are used far too often.


So how does this relate to ministry? This past weekend I was preparing for kids ministry. I have a team of 5 that help out on rotation – but on this particular Sunday, nobody had shown up. So I proceeded to do the little tasks; pouring juice, putting out cookies, handing out name tags, setting up technology, cleaning from the week. All so that the end goal would be achieved; that these kids would come to know Christ. But what does juice have to do with that you might say? I teach through serving. Every week I make sure that these kids know that I am not afraid to take out the garbage, clean up the spills, and do the little things, even though they call me “Captain”. Nothing is below me just because someone else could do it. Just as Christ taught. These kids will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the love I have for them runs so deep and wide; as I am an extension of Christ’s hands and Feet.

“The measure of a man’s greatness is not the number of servants he has, but the number of people he serves.” – John Hagee

By doing the little things not only am I creating an environment that is fun for the children so that they will better grasp these teachings but I am also teaching them in the process. “How can I be of service?” how can I better help you understand the love of Christ? How can I make a bigger impact in your life with Christ? how can I attain my goal… so that I can see you attain yours?

Like I stated earlier, this approach is 2 fold. Not only will it teach those being served but it will also remind me; the one serving, that that is my purpose, I am not above anything. I come humbly to serve, with such a grateful heart.

Through me and my service — I’m making an impact in the next generation, a generation that will go on to accomplish greatness at the hands of service. Sometimes we lose focus of this. It becomes so routine that it becomes a burden.

Serve,  knowing you have made an impact, even if you have to do it again for it to stick.

Serve, until the goal is reached and even then keep serving.

Your efforts will not go unnoticed, in the lives around you, in the eyes of Christ and in the building of your own character.

— Keanna Brandsma

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