Saving the World?!




Okay maybe I don’t have the whole “Warrior Princess” thing but definitely the purpose driven and save the world type of vibe, as should every Christian. My purpose is to help share the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and that purpose is so powerful, so important and so valuable that it drives me. It should be the reason I wake up in the morning, it should be the source of my joy and the driving force for doing things I thought I never would or never could on my own.

This purpose God has given me should effect every decision I make, ever word I speak and every step I take. I myself cannot save the world, however I do have the ability to change it, effect it, and make an impact. Some days its a overwhelming load to carry, but not only does God give me the strength, the wisdom and the tools to accomplish it, but God himself already did the heavy lifting. He sent his son to die on the cross to save the world, however a majority of the world has no idea of this life changing fact. Its my job, to help them see it, through my actions, my words and my very existence on this planet.

I was not put on this earth to make an impact with wealth, with my fashion choices, or with my music (or even my talents for that matter). I am here to use those things, to make an impact in peoples hearts. To use those talents to bring people to an understanding of Christ’s forgiveness and grace.

Warrior Princess…No. Prayer Warrior…Yes. Not only is my purpose to shine the light of Christ in public, but it’s also to pray for them in private. Sometimes we get caught up in living our faith in our day to day lives, and then coming home having finished our quota for the day. But our job is not over. The most powerful tool we have, is to pray for others, over others, and on their behalf. God did the big part, but when he was finished he didn’t just leave us to our own devises to finish the job. He gave us the power to fight on their behalf in prayer, and to seek his wisdom. Because the truth is that once our job is done, once we have shown his love, and spoken his truth into their lives, we once again leave them in God’s hands. It’s not about us at all, its about pointing them to him, and we cannot do that without working with him, and talking to him.

The truth is that the job of saving the world (or really helping the world see that they have already been saved) is only 2% me, and the rest of the christians on this planet and 98% him. But that 2% is everything that I am, everything that I want to accomplish and work towards being in my life.

When Jesus said “Go and make disciples of all men…” I took that very personally. It is my purpose driven, Save the World, Mission – and I am proud to be chosen.


— Keanna Brandsma From her blog “Contagious Joy”

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