Love for EVERYONE???

I recently read several articles about a “Christian Organization” who is known for helping those who are down and out that refuses to help homosexuals.  I had no idea this was going on and was deeply grieved in my heart to hear of it.

Here we are fast approaching Christmas, the time of year that we celebrate the birth of our saviour who came to die for EVERYONE.

It is a very sad day when one sin is elevated over another.  Jesus would challenge you to cast the first stone in condemnation – but to cast it if you are without sin!  We all sin and fall short.  Those who do not yet know the saving grace of Jesus Christ may have lifestyles which reflect that – those are the very people we should love more!

To tell you the truth, I have yet to meet a Christian – who knows the Lord and Savior that does not struggle with sin in some area, sometimes in several areas at

English: Homeless on bench, Hermosillo, Sonora...

any given time.  The only difference is that most Christians since aren’t outright lifestyle choices that can be seen plainly.

Jesus was about love, healing and forgiveness.  It is our job to show love and the Holy Spirits’ job to change lives.  The bible tells us not to judge lest you be judged but it puts no limits on love and mercy.  Loving a sinner does not mean condoning their sin it means loving them around it and believing that God can heal EVERY broken heart.  It means trusting God with their life and leaving it in His hands.

We are to help everyone – prisoners who have hurt others, thieves, liars, adulterers, pastors who have fallen, abusers, the list goes on and on and absolutely includes homosexuals.  Jesus would have it no other way!

Our job at 4 HIS Ministry is to bring healing to churches, pastors, people and communities – that job is not possible if you deny people love, grace and mercy.

This Christmas I challenge you to love EVERY neighbor, to reach out to ALL the lost, not choosing which broken person is beyond help or unworthy of your care!  This Christmas spread love and extend mercy – and yes even to the group who is withholding care.  They too need to be shown the truth of how and who God loves.  That organization does many, many good things – this just shows that they are human too and humans error.

Lets be Jesus’ hands extended this holiday season and throughout the year by loving EVERYONE.

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