I thought it was all about fishing!

English: A white-tailed deer
English: A white-tailed deer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever had one of those days, events or a time in your life when you thought you had things figured out?  You knew what direction you were taking and had a good grasp of the plan – only to have a curve ball thrown, the road change direction and the plans go up in smoke?

The other day we went for a walk to the lake way behind our house to see if we could fish.  We walked past the big field, around the back of the field, made our way through the dense forest, pushed through the 4 foot high grass around the water and the 7 foot high reeds, crossed the beaver dam and found a beautiful spot to try out our fishing.  After 45 minutes of casting without a nibble or seeing a fish, one dysfunctional rod, one broken rod and then losing our hook and bobbin on a lily pad we declared defeat and headed back through the reeds, grass, forest and finally made it to the field.  As we made our way along the back of the field beside the forest we heard something rustling in the trees.  Looking over we saw a deer come prancing along. It stopped not 20 feet from where we stood.  It was absolutely beautiful! After just a few moments it turned and rushed through the bush from where we had just come.  What a treat, we both love deer (and no gentlemen I do not mean hunting) we love to watch deer and enjoy God’s creation when we see them.  Here we thought the day was all about going fishing!  Seeing that deer was a thousand times better!

Isn’t that just like God sometimes?  He often has these incredible hidden treasures waiting for us and so often they come after a trial or disappointment.  His treasures are always better than anything we could have ever asked for.

In ministry we need to take this lesson to heart.  Often pastors and church leaders are let down, disappointed or struggling.  Sitting there wondering why and what is next when suddenly the dust clears and out of the ashes comes something beautiful.  We need to be looking for the blessings, the lessons and the treasures God has for us at those times.

On the other end of the spectrum – many times we are going through life thinking we have this time and this plan all figured out, when suddenly things don’t work out the way we thought.  When we persevere in seeking God’s will even through the muck, he might change our path and direction but I can tell you for sure – it will be a better plan.  God always sees the bigger picture, when things don’t make sense to us, our job is to trust and follow. 

God’s timing is always perfect – even this week, on the brink of decisions I need this very reminder.



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